Some Photos from SantaCon San Francisco 2015

San Francisco was awash with the red and white colors of another SantaCon last weekend.   A temptation to an amateur photographer like myself knowing this event attracts crowds of exuberant San Fran characters.   So I made a quick trip to Union Square and snapped a few pics.   I apologize for the glare of reds and whites, bright greens and glittery stuff…. but, after all, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.   Santa Con is San Francisco’s weird little Christmas thing the last few years, but when there’s so many Santa’s running about, even the reindeer are confused!

More info on SantaCon’s History: wikipedia on SantaCon.

Anyway, here’s some of my SantaCon snaps:

SantaCon: Reindeer Seeking Work

SantaCon: Reindeer Seeking Work – these four were confused about who to approach first for this year’s midnight December 24th reindeer gig…

Cool Santa with adoring entourage

Cool Santa holds court with his adoring entourage.

Santa Selfie Lady

Santa Selfie Lady – She wasn’t the only one – everyone had their phone. And vanity never sleeps.

Glittery SantaCon Gals giving Peace sign

Glittery SantaCon Gals giving me the Peace sign.

Blue Santa

A Blue Santa surveys the overly-red scene.

Attila the Santa Reindeer Slayer

Attila the Santa Reindeer Slayer strikes fear into reindeer everywhere.

Pretty SantaCon reindeer girl texting

A Pretty SantaCon reindeer girl was texting.

Reindeer woman texting

A faun-like Reindeer Lady was texting.

Christmas Tree Girl at SantaCon

A Christmas Tree Girl at SantaCon seems to be in a glowing mood.

Happy SantaCon couple

Happy SantaCon couple mugs it up for the camera.

That’s it! Those are the most family-friendly ones – but it’s amazing how San Francisco is also home to some of the most exhibitionistic Santa’s ever imagined. For instance, just because you own bright red undies doesn’t mean you look like Santa when that is all you are wearing… 😉


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