Thoughts on the Election Night Status

Wow! The Trumpster is doing better on this election night than I ever anticipated!! The reporters have been engaging in some interesting commentary too, but I just had to take a break from the TV! 

I made myself a chicken and baked potato dinner with some nice chilled white wine (lots of it going down about now!) to bulk up my constitution for the long haul tonight. Trump is well up on electoral college votes (222 to Hillary’s 209), which the reporters were unprepared for it seems. Me too. I thought it would be close but I never thought he would really come out ahead. So the reporters ask “Why is this happening?”  And the answers discussed so far:

  • White college-educated women (me) vote for Hillary Clinton
  • Urban areas vote for Clinton
  • Suburban and Rural areas vote for Donald Trump
  • White non-college-educated men vote for Trump
  • Minorities (but apparently not all) vote for Clinton, but again – maybe not as much of a landslide even in that area as might have been expected, so some have other reasons to be swayed over to Trump despite his nasty rhetoric

The reporters’ upshot on all this: The deep divide is very prevalent and shows the dissatisfaction of middle to low income Americans in what is going on right now in the country and the last administrations while technology and out-sourcing of jobs has left them in a big old severe limbo.

So it now appears people who feel they are suffering the most are voting for Trump in droves, along with non-college-educated people.  And this also is due in part to record voter turnout all over America.  People who may not have felt very invested in voting in prior elections are now voting, so my take is that this election will be a much truer barometer than perhaps was present in previous elections on how Americans are feeling. People are turning out more than ever before based on their deep fears about their own fate if the candidate they most revile actually gets elected.  The divide is so great after this election season, that some claim there are now two (2) Americas.

So OK. That’s what they are talking about now, as I write this.  But my own takes and commentary? See below.

Trump could win. I thought it would be close, but not this close, so if he does win, I will have to come to grips with that despite my feelings that those voting for him were blinded by his oft-repeated lies and simplistic rhetoric. My belief is that his slogan Make America Great Again really has really been code for Make America Hate Again.  His faults don’t disappear if he is elected. His slogan doesn’t become true just because he is elected.  He has not “won” and the American people have not “won” just because he could get elected.  My prediction is that the many people who have voted for him will find that their lives DO NOT become better just because he got elected. Then they will be disillusioned all over again.  (Meanwhile we have to listen to his B.S. for 4 years.)

My analysis is that Trump has done a great job of a smear campaign against his opponent and has done a great job of profiting off of the discord in America, but – but – but – we will find that if elected – he will not be changing things for the better for anyone but himself and people like him. (Most of you who voted for him are not like him, not millionaires or billionaires). People who so reveled in his vile rhetoric and lack of political correctness, and have felt refreshed by it, will find that they overlooked the fact that he was only trying to get your vote!!!  Once he has had that, and if he is successful on winning an election, boom!!  You will see a massive about face (after the honeymoon period) and he will treat the American people the way he treated his contractors on his construction projects and casinos.  You will get nothing! You are not worth it to him. You the people who thought he would somehow improve your life. You will be left bankrupted.

Anyway as I post this, he’s ahead, with a few major states remaining to report final stats.  This could turn out to be very much like the Bush-Gore election in 2000 where Al Gore won the popular vote but not the electoral votes. That one turned out (according to wikipedia):

George Bush

Al Gore

Electoral vote



States carried


20 + DC

Popular vote






This one is also very close! Yikes! I would rather have the next 4 years be with a Lady president quietly doing her job, than with an asshole president tweeting his every fart on the presidential Twitter account! 🙂  But lots of Americans prefer the latter. 

***Update on 11/10/2016:  The popular vote stats for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as of about 4:00 pm PT Thursday 11/10 (with 3 states left to complete reporting) were:

Hillary: 60,071,781   (a lead of 280,646 votes)

Trump: 59,043,017

This is according to the New York Times Election Results


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