My Massive Disclaimer for Election Blog Post of 11/13/16 and any Political Blog Posts on this Blog

Even my disclaimer title has to be massive to accomodate the needs of the new America that I live in… Anyway, I woke up on 11/14/2016 with the first thought of “Wow the little disclaimer I put at the very end of my 11/13/16 blog post on “Trumperica Rising” is woefully insufficient!! Got to get to the internet presses fast!!!” Plus I pretty much failed to include everything going on out there in the world this past week! No way to possibly include it all!

Even though I have few followers anywhere on social media, there are trolls and others with extremely divergent viewpoints that might actually see my blog post and Attack!! So I have to explain myself to those that might be ready to spit on me with some varying amount of disdain and/or criticism by at least soothing their savage souls with a decent disclaimer!!  I am not a “professional” blogger!  It was just a Premature-Blogpost-Ejaculation!!! I suggest that you NEVER read my blog posts without reading my disclaimer first!

Disclaimer and Disclosures.

I wish to massively disclaim and disclose the following information regarding this blog, posts on this blog, comments I make on other people’s blogs or social media, and with special emphasis in regards to any politically-related blog posts:

  1. I am not a professional blogger.
  2. I am an amateur blogger and woefully inadequate even at that.
  3. I have not been hired or influenced by any one particular person or organization to write this blog or to express any political opinions.
  4. I am imperfect, not a totally evolved human being here.
  5. I am of above average intellectual capacity but not any type of a genius by a long shot.
  6. Nothing on this blog is so authoritative that it should be taken as absolutely the last word on any subject, or actually any type of word on any subject. Content may or may not be exhaustively or thoroughly researched or even researched at all to see if comports with your own viewpoint or a “complete picture.” Do your own research if needed.
  7. My blog posts are often written and posted on my blog before truly complete (which I refer to as Premature-Blogpost-Ejaculation or PBE). I then later go back and fix the “Oops” this or “Oops” that, or add or subtract at will, when and if I have the time.
  8. My blog is simply a place to occasionally dump my thoughts or post pictures, etc. So give me a break.
  9. The artwork of Trump on my 11/13/2016 post is also woefully inadequate – I was dabbling about while depressed and simply felt the tone and colors fit in well with a sunset or sunrise theme, it does not even attempt to reflect what Trump looks like today or at any time in the future.
  10. I suffer from depression and sometimes write or post to process or lift depression a bit. Not too much.  I don’t want to get too happy, unless there is a reason for it.
  11. The profile picture on my blog was taken in a photo booth, uhmmmm, about 30 years ago? It is not a true representation of what I look like today. I may modify or change my profile picture from time to time at will. I will give no warning should that occur.
  12. My 11/13/2016 Trumperica Rising post and other politically-related posts may not cover all issues and all viewpoints. If you want to bitch about my content, write your own blog post that covers all issues and all viewpoints and good luck with that!
  13. I suggest and request that if you post critical comments, you do so without being mean to me or lumping me in a category.
  14. I reserve the right to not bother to respond to snarky comments or any comments to this blog if I don’t feel like it.
  15. I suggest that you read my blog posts, especially politically-related blogposts, at your own peril. Your viewpoint may be different from mine.
  16. I am not responsible nor do I carry insurance for any health problems that occur to others while reading this blog, i.e. no coverage for high blood pressure, heart attacks, mental anguish, etc.
  17. This Disclaimer is a Premature-Blogpost-Ejaculation (PBE). It may be amended in the future.
  18. I am rapidly approaching “old-ladyhood” and dementia could set it at any time. Either ignore me or call 911 to send someone over if you think it’s serious.
  19. I may “fall and can’t get up” at any time.
  20. This Disclaimer is Imperfect. I may be forgetting or leaving things out.
  21. Let’s all try and get a sense of humor. I try, but I live alone and sometimes my attempts to have a split personality (so we can have a good laugh together) just don’t succeed at cheering me up much.

5 thoughts on “My Massive Disclaimer for Election Blog Post of 11/13/16 and any Political Blog Posts on this Blog

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