Help My Doctor Has Been Kidnapped

This is a great post on healthcare and the horrors of doctor visits in a medical centre, reposting from an Aussie blogger who is artistic and autistic. –


My doctor; who has been my doctor for about 25 years, has left his practice and joined one of those evil, horrible Medical Centres.  Actually it was more than a year ago, but I am not getting used to it.  I can’t deal with this.


Medical Centres are evil, terrible carnivorous monsters who destroy individual doctor’s practices in the same way big multinationals destroy small businesses.  Then they swallow these poor destroyed doctors up so they can torture them and their patients.  They pretend to be after money but they actually have machines in every building that collect the energy of human pain and misery, that the Heads of the Medical Centres secretly gorge on becoming more powerful.

I have a few more theories but they may be a little unlikely.  I only like to discuss theories that are clearly proved like the one above.  Which is clearly the most…

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