Is It Still November? – The Gurgling of the Trumperica Swamp

11/28/16 – Woke up this morning with that same old post-election hangover, feeling grumpy and dark and bubbling with PETD – Post Election Trauma Disorder. Gosh, when does this end?  Meanwhile the Trumperica swamp gurgles to life slowly but surely. And it is still November??? Yikes! It feels like 4 years should have gone by already.  Maybe I should have gone back to bed. At least until the recounts are over.

I mentioned Trumperica in a previous post but neglected to define the term – It’s my own coined term for the post-America period I feel is descending upon us. The dystopia we are becoming here in the U.S.A. (soon to be known as U.S.T.)  Trumperica is a place that will be covered with dark clouds and winter, like in some of those old movies where the land has been plagued by a dark force which must be overcome by valiant citizen warriors before Spring can return.

Now’s a good time to review my political blog posts disclaimer  especially if you suspect I may not be representing your own political views. I don’t intend to. This post also qualifies as a PBE under the disclaimer…

Trumperica Swamp Gurgle by Bonnie Follett

Trumperica Swamp Gurgle by Bonnie Follett

So to continue… The former America (that was at times troubled yet somehow hopeful, upbeat, attempting to be inclusive for marginalized groups, and attempting to be socially and environmentally responsible) is being gutted and replaced. Trumperica is a place that will roll back all that hope that apparently was only some liberal backlash against Trump-preferred white male nationalism, free racism, free misogyny, free xenophobia, free climate-change denial and just good old free capitalist greed – all those wonderful freedom things that had somehow been forced underground by liberal political correctness.

I thought I would get over this feeling, but it has plagued me every morning when I wake up. Some days are better than others, but today was not a good day. It was an angry day. So why not write a little blog post to whoosh those demons around…  The last days of America is truly an unnerving place to be.

We get to watch daily as Trump selects his posse and as he fart-tweets his usual stupid things spreading crap that’s already been proved false. After all, as he told a reporter, he gets his news from the internet and feels no need to fact-check or truth-check anything before re-spewing.  What an inspiring president-elect! And what a message – it’s ok to be dumb as a stump – you can still gurgle to the top of any swamp if you are rich enough and loud enough. He is definitely a role model for the joys of being a fake news celebrity. But you just maybe shouldn’t trust ANYTHING he says. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stomach this transition or this upcoming administration.

I guess none of us really knows what to expect, and that brings out the darker side of my own depressive tendencies. I imagine a scary national landscape where the following takes place:

(a) social and civil rights will be undone and replaced by extremist right wing values forced on all of us through legislation and the Trump courts, and ideals of inclusiveness will be slowly compromised or banished,

(b) a rise in the white supremacy movement will be masked and checked only by a slightly disapproving wink and a nod, meanwhile “white males first” policies will re-emerge as standard operating procedure,

(c)* closet racists can still hold on to their racism unchecked by any self-examination of whether they might actually be just a little bit racist if they found it ok to vote for Trump in the first place – where they don’t need to admit they must be somewhere on that racist spectrum if they chose not to care about people targeted so blatantly in the campaign,

(d) where corporations will continue to rule with self-dealing aggression, now unimpeded by former legislation that tried to curb their tendencies to act irresponsibility,

(e)** where women are controlled and put back in their place as belonging only in  the bedrooms and the kitchens, where using birth control is illegal, and where they are forced by criminal punishment to have babies they can’t care for that will end up in the foster care system, or have illegal abortions for which they can be prosecuted as a murderer (because a zygote is more human than the woman),

(f) where climate change just doesn’t exist if you deny it enough and where conventions, treaties and legislation to limit and guard against climate change, global warming and toxic environmental degradation is undone,

(g) where the 1% holding all the wealth of this country will soon become the .5% holding all the wealth, as tax cuts for the rich replace everyone’s hopes that one day that 1% would start to pay their fair share,

(h) where rights of free speech will be squashed by Trump’s excessive inability to deal with criticism and where attacks on truthful, source and fact-based journalism increase,

(i) where net neutrality concepts will die out and access to online information will decrease as internet searches are restricted to state approved results,

(j) where social unrest will increase as various minority populations and people are targeted with contempt and violence by  right wing extremists,

(k) where Trump makes huge personal profits in his businesses by leveraging his position as president of the U.S.T. and ignores conflicts of interest,

(l) where that “Give me your tired, your poor… your huddled masses yearning to break free…” message on the Statue of Liberty will be scraped off and re-written to a Trump approved message,

(m) where the traditional White House residence of the president is viewed by the president himself as a dump unfit to live in (after all, where’s the nice polished fake marble, the gold leaf throne and the gold leaf plated toilets?), and

(n) where that Trump enemies list just keeps getting longer and longer, and those who refuse to “bow down” to Trump find themselves targets of revenge.

So yes, to me that all seems just a little like a damper of darkness covering the dystopic national landscape. For those that do not know what a dystopia is, it’s basically the opposite of a utopia. Or as my internet dictionary says:  an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. 

But, to look on the bright side, which many other more well-adjusted persons would remind me –  it can’t really be all that bad – the earth will still rotate and the sun will still come up each day, the seasons will still change (until increased global warming messes with that) and there will still be many, many good people in the world…  some hiding out with the Resistance no doubt. 🙂

So, even I admit that the Trumperica swamp can’t possibly be as bad as I paint it. People will go on being who they are, and living their lives the best they can. There will continue to be lots of good in the world despite those dark gurgles of negativity bubbling up, and people will band together and fight the worst of it.  Nevertheless, I can’t help residing in the camp of the skeptical. It’s where those feelings in my gut seem to have me.

Regarding *and ** above – see my below comments for further discussion.


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4 thoughts on “Is It Still November? – The Gurgling of the Trumperica Swamp

  1. I just wanted to add a little more here about (c) and (e) on the list above (mentioning racism and women’s rights relating to reproduction) as these tend to be very “Hot Button” issues. . .

    * On (c) regarding Racism – I did not mean to imply in any way above that all people who voted for Trump are rabid active racists, I just wanted to say that in case it wasn’t clear. What I wanted to remind people of is that there is a wide spectrum on this subject and all of us can have a tendency to be a “little bit racist” when it comes to people or groups where we do not have alot of personal experience (with whatever group is being addressed). – Living in a diverse city (SF) I have lived and worked with many different types of people and find that it can be a very pleasant and enriching experience. But anyone, myself included, can find that when dealing with groups or people where we are unfamiliar of what to expect, we can feel uncomfortable and fears or prejudices can arise in those situations. That’s where a person might actually benefit from some self-examination and learning more about that group or person you feel uncomfortable with, where interaction can lead to learning and increased comfort level. So until you have an opportunity to do that, I feel people may actually need to acknowledge that they might reside on a lower level of the racism spectrum, where you can allow your fears and prejudices to keep you stuck, even if you are otherwise a good and fair person and would never in a million years go out of your way to personally harm someone.

    ** On (e) regarding Women’s Reproductive Rights, including the issue of abortion, I also do not mean to imply above that abortion is a good thing. It never is, and is always a very difficult decision for a woman involved in a bad situation. I was once offered one and refused it, but that doesn’t mean I think every woman must make the same decision. My point above was in regards to my belief that women should be the final decision-maker on what happens inside their bodies. If they are not ready for child-bearing, they should be able to choose birth control methods. And if those fail, and they feel the need to consider an abortion, it is not up to lawmakers to decide that women must be forced to bear children, no matter what their circumstances include, or face criminal punishment. The circumstances are wide and diverse and something many men really cannot understand. There is way too much more that could be discussed on this subject, so I won’t go into it all, but to add a Trumpism… if you’re going to “grab them by the pussy” the men too need to take some responsibility. One last point: traditionally women’s bodies (reproductive function) has always been used as a control mechanism to keep women in check, from aspiring or hoping for too much in their lives. Taking away their right to choose when to have children usually comes cloaked in paternalistic views (that women are unable to make these decisions on their own) beefed up by the miraculous wonders of conception and babies, but with nothing added in the forced child-bearing package to actually care for either the mother or the babies during the whole process.

    Anyway… the post above mentioned a lot of fears regarding the new administration, and was me just trying to process those fears, because there is so much mistrust and criticism going on out there as we watch the cabinet picks, etc. – The above list did miss some other issues too, such as what is going to happen with Medicare and Social Security and the vulnerable senior population that has relied on those programs being there in a dependable way and who have paid in to that their whole working lives. But I guess that’s for a future post.


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