Obama’s Farewell as President

My first post for the New Year is just to commemorate our outgoing president after watching his farewell address last night.  Below is a FB post of my thoughts earlier today:


Our current President’s Farewell Address to the Nation was one for the record books. I’m pretty sure every Democrat was glued to the TV on this one.  But I’m also pretty sure another 50% of the citizenry couldn’t be bothered with even watching it.

Anyway, all I wanted to say was I couldn’t help noticing the sincerity and love for country, coworkers, friends and family that this man displayed with such truth, dignity and intelligence. Sincerity!! That is what I am talking about. Not “playing” the media and the crowds, but sincerely caring about what happens with this country next. A lot of us are going to miss seeing that in our President going forward, and I haven’t seen anything of this level of quality coming out of the President-Elect or his anticipated appointments.

Maybe the new President will prove us wrong about him, maybe he will learn as he goes, maybe he will even evolve, but I have not seen any signs of that yet.  And so yes, I will continue to criticize him online when I feel moved to do so, and others may use a public setting or televised broadcast to do so, and the Right’s claim that there are “appropriate times” be damned – there is nothing like the present!

In my life I have found that when anyone claims there is an “appropriate” time to voice an opinion, the subtext is “Shut the hell up!” and never speak of this again! So let’s hope that Free Speech survives.

Obama hasn’t died, he will still be around and working. And to be reminded of the points made in his address last night, his success as our first non-white president was due to the participation of the American people and citizens.  And the success of the country going forward will remain just that, up to us and our participation.  If there is one good thing about the election of the new president, it is that it has woken up the American people and has brought forth increased participation.

That’s it from me today.  I am not all that dignified so yes I will still post my memes and articles of interest, etc., whether some people like it or not or think it’s “whiny” to notice what the compulsive Twitter-fingers is complaining about now.  I have serious doubts that he will ever rise to the dignity of our 44th president.


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