100 Days and I Still Feel Sick

Ok. So I really need to break the silence on this blog since I have not posted for roughly 100 days. So this is just an impromptu posting to make note of the fact that Le Grand Autocrat has made it 100 days in power without being impeached. Yippee! (I’m being sarcastic there.)

He is still not my president. He is still not the president of many millions of people. But we seem to be stuck with him. The first 30 to 60 days I continued my tirades on social media via FB posts or comments on FB or other people’s blogs. I signed tons of petitions. But I got more and more tired of it all.   I got tired of my day to day life being obliterated by watching for the news and trying to follow and digest all the BS coming out of D.C.  I got tired of watching many good people resisting hard and getting nowhere.  The craziness came so fast and consistently that no one could get a handle on one issue before another one popped up. It started to all feel futile and pointless.  We are stuck with this turd.

And the gaslighting of America by the administration and its supporters has been so relentless that truth no longer even seems like an option. I have watched as this administration has become normalized, the thing Resisters have feared most. We now simply expect things to be totally F’d. Even the media has backed off, wanting to appear more balanced or neutral after the relentless attacks on their tendency toward traditional investigative journalism. Unsubstantiated opinions are now truth and facts are just such an inconvenient irritant.

So they are talking about his first 100 days and whether he has accomplished anything. Sure he has. He’s accomplished setting up a nice pile of crap. He’s set the stage for all manner of nastiness to ensue in the coming months and years. I’m not going to detail it here. It all gives me a serious brain fog.  But if you are interested (assuming anyone reads this) here is The Track Trump link. They’ve been keeping tabs and have made an attempt at an unbiased summary.

But me? I’m just expecting the worst. It is now normal to do so. And I still feel sick in my heart and soul about where this country has ended up.  WW III here we come.

And last but not least – to all those Resistance people who are still out there fighting hard and marching – a big Thank You! That alone gives me some degree  of hope.


Obligatory image of our Commander In Chief.  This is somewhat generic because I simply cannot stomach looking at his face anymore.



One thought on “100 Days and I Still Feel Sick

  1. I agree Bonnie! This whole thing is so frightening! To watch orange make a mockery of everything we hold sacred and fear that his impulsive behaviors will start another catistrific war. I cry, I worry, I curse, I persevere, only to think I’ve never seen it this bad!

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