Pictures of My Mother

It’s Mother’s Day and although my Mom is gone now, it is always a day to remember her. So I am posting some pictures in her memory. Of course we will always miss her, but I and my siblings will always have the memories.

Mom and Dad 1940

Mom and Dad 1940 in St. Paul, MN, USA

Mom and Dad met in St. Paul where Mom lived with her parents and sister. He was a truck driver prior to going into the service in WW II. Her cousin was my Dad’s best friend and introduced them.

Mom at Lake 1981

Mom at the Lake, probably in the 1980’s

I took this photo of Mom at our family’s lake cabin in Minnesota. She was never really too fond of all the work for her that planning and keeping food into our hungry mouths required when she was away from civilization… But she did enjoy nightly fishing out on the lake with Dad during the sunset hours. And here she is doing a lake walk with her fishing pole. Putting together puzzles in the cabin would ensue after dark once the fish were tucked into the fish box.

Mom with Zipper the cat in the Car

Mom with the Cat Zipper in the Car

Zipper was my cat that I got in college, but left behind with Mom when I moved to California in the late 1970’s. They had a special bond, as the photo shows.

Mom with grandson, 1985

Drawing of Mom with her grandson in 1985

Mom loved the Grandkids and she had plenty of them, this was just one. I know who but I’m not saying for privacy sake.

Happy Earth Day

Mom in about 2001

All the pictures of Mom were usually surrounded by lots of extraneous activity, so I took this one, cropped her out of a group and erased the background. She is wearing one of her snazzy Christmas sweaters.

Mom with Grand and Great-Grandaughter

Mom with Grand and Great-Grand-daughter in 1999

Mom in her usual habitat, at the kitchen table, enjoying a visit from her grand-daughter and one of the grandkids.

Mom sleeping with Rainbows on her pillow, 2002

Mom sleeping with Rainbows on her pillow in 2002

This photo was taken of my Mom sleeping after coming home from the nursing home. She had severe Alzheimers, and was in a nursing home for awhile after Dad had great difficulty caring for her at home in the later stages of this difficult disease.  Once the doctors were certain she didn’t have much time left, she came home, and all of her girls were there to care for her. The only place big enough for a hospital bed was the dining area, so here she is set up in what was her favorite spot anyway, a room with windows to the garden and birds and squirrels. She never lost her good humor and enjoyment of life in spite of Alzheimers, and seemed to have a difficult time deciding on whether to leave this world. But here she is on a bright Spring day, snoozing, with rainbows on her pillow.

My Mothers Hands

Photo painting of My Mother’s Hands, 2002

This is a little photo painting of my Mom’s hands from a very bad quality photo. I think it turned out well considering.  I was always fascinated by my Mother’s hands. They were gnarly and liver-spotted and had been through alot. She was a homemaker all her life after marriage, and as her mother taught her, she made fantastically heavy and nourishing homemade bread.  I suspect the problems she had with her hands (carpal tunnel surgeries etc.) were caused by all the kneading of bread she did over the years. Every week, 10-12 loaves of bread, sometimes more it seemed.  Nothing like it fresh from the oven.

Thanks Mom!!  I love you!


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