Recent Kauai Artwork

Kauai Photos and Digital Photo Paintings

The following is a sampling of photos I took on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and worked up in Photoshop to enhance for use as wall artwork, art on canvas or other print products. (Click on any image for more info.) Galleries of all my online photos and artwork can be found at:

Hanalei Valley Panorama

The above is a large scale panorama photograph of the Hanalei Valley on Kauai. This is a view from an overlook showing the taro fields and mountains near Princeville. The true scale requires a click on the image.

Art Prints

I zoomed in for the above view of farm houses in the Hanalei Valley sitting in the midst of taro fields. It also shows roads and the river with two canoers enjoying the day, Very green!

Driving Over Hanalei Bridge

It is always an experience to drive over the one lane Hanalei Bridge.  I was enroute from South Shore to North Shore of Kauai when I took this photo.

Evening Palms in Trade Winds

This photo was taken near the Poipu coast on the South Shore of Kauai. I was intrigued by the warm tropical trade winds rustling in the palm trees.

A View of Prince Kuhio Park

A View of Prince Kuhio Park on Kauai near the sunset hour enhanced this view with warm light and shadows. Two photos were combined for a panoramic image.

The Pond at Prince Kuhio Park

Another view of Prince Kuhio Park along Lawaii Road on Kauai shows its fish pond during sunset hour, with lovely pastel clouds and sky.

The Fish Pond

I really liked this view of Prince Kuhio’s Fish Pond near end of day for its reflective and meditative qualities. Just stare at the soft ripples and dream.

Land Wind and Sea on Kauai

Land Wind and Sea by Bonnie Follett shows the viewer a snippet of where the waves of the Pacific Ocean meet land and reflects the power of the wind in a windswept, almost horizontal cypress.

More of my Kauai and Hawaii photos can be found in a Gallery at this link: Hawaii and Kauai Collection.

Thanks for taking a peek!


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