The Partial Solar Eclipse in San Francisco

August 21st, 2017 was the day of the “Great American Solar Eclipse,” the first in many years where the path of a total eclipse of the sun travelled across the United States. Its path swung from coast to coast – from Oregon on the west coast to South Carolina on the east coast before heading out to the Atlantic Ocean.

My town of San Francisco experienced a foggy, cloudy overcast day for what was only a partial eclipse here in California.   (I would love to have been able to travel for the “real thing” along the path of totality but didn’t want to face the traffic.)  Nevertheless, the intrepid local photographer (moi) persisted . . . and did what I could do here with photographing the partial eclipse in San Francisco with just my standard DSLR lens and a tripod.  So I walked down to Pier 14 on the San Francisco waterfront, where a small group of photographers, fishermen and eclipse-gawkers had assembled.

The moon started its transit over the sun at the top of the sun, travelled slightly left and down and exited its transit at the lower left of the sun. Here the sun was only 76% covered by the moon, no totality of darkness and no super-cool corona, but impressive all the same.

I hear that we will have a chance to view a total solar eclipse in California in the year 2045 on August 12th.  So if I can make it to age 90 or so, maybe I can try my hand at it again!  Here’s a sampling of the photos I took today:

Nine Phases of a Solar Eclipse

Nine Phases of a Solar Eclipse, by Bonnie Follett
Prints available on my Fine Art America profile.



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