Art Prints

High quality Art Prints of my photographs, photo paintings and traditional art paintings are available on Fine Art (FAA) and (Pixels).  You can purchase prints, framed prints, prints on canvas or metal, greeting cards, etc., in any size available for selection at these sites.  (I also have artwork on See below for links and info to that site.)

Photography Prints

Blue Hour at the Waterfront by Bonnie Follett

My most recently uploaded work is available for viewing on FAA at: Here is a sampling:

My site shows a main page set to view as Galleries based on locations or subject matter:

My images on FAA/Pixels are available for licensing – royalty free or rights managed licenses – at this link:

I am also the group administrator of the San Francisco City By The Bay Art group on FAA at: – I invite any other artists or photographers on FAA with San Francisco images to join the group!

Samples of My Recent work:


Art Prints


Page Sponsorships: I sponsor the following search pages at Fine Art America:

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Visit the shop for my product Designs on I started my online shop there on Dec. 1st 2016 and so far really love the format and options available there.  The Products include a variety of options and sizes.  You can click on the design swatches to see the products available with each design. Or shop through the menus there.

Products include several styles clothing,  T-shirts and tops for both men and women, dresses, leggings, mini skirts, scarves, bags, greeting cards, lovely mugs in regular, tall and travel options, and home styling items, such as prints, canvas and metal art, throw pillows, duvet covers, etc. – Anyway there’s a lot of product options available using my designs! Check it out!

Here’s my portfolio link:

Thanks in advance to those who do check out my pages!


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