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This page hosts a sampling of my poetry and fictional writings. All writings included are copyright of Bonnie Follett.

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Who Dreams Of Trees

I do
I dream of trees
That is the only time
When I can remember
What they were like
In their days of majesty

It was so long ago
Their age-old arms would sway in wind
Festooned with their glorious green attire
Ghosts of untold origin
Would play with them
Holding up their arm-like branches to the wind
And shaking them heartily to cause
That familiar jostling buzz of thousands of leaves
Those humming rustling ticks that comfort the dim lull of sleep

That comforts my sleep because

Where are the trees?
When I wake
They will be gone


A Contemplation on Alzheimer’s

The “Alzheimer’s” condition mirrors the stages
Of the Ebb and Flow of Life
A very natural way to leave Life, I think.
For how else could it be viewed?
Not so long ago its curse eluded all but a few of us
And those few labelled with words of insanity
Or of some dreaded weakness.

But like pebbles on the shore we came into life
Washed by the sea
Shiny and new in our infancy.

Progressing from there to more lucid stages of humanity
We were called
Adolescent, Youth, Young Man or Woman,
Beings in the Prime of Life
In Love, In Action, Involved.

Where the flow began to ebb few can tell
But some called it Middle Age, Elderhood, Old Age
Our lives were short and waning
Some left too soon
Taken in panic and violence
Caught by a bad heart or a disease incurable
Now the Ebb can meet its match
To mirror the Flow from whence we began.

With the care of those around us
We can subside smoothly
To a gentle end while we
Delight out loved ones with our return
To a playful time of youth
Then infancy
Until we are…

A pebble on the shore once more.
And in our return to this gentle state
We wait to be taken by the tides.


An Almost Perfect World


I loved my fairy world
We were beings of the Light
The essence of light
Brilliance, frivolity, good humour
Awesome in our purity
In our love of Light and Life
In our love of Self, Others, All Things
Spirited and Happy we were
Surrounded by natural beauty Unimaginable
Except I knew, I had been there
For Endless perfect days of wonder
An infinity of beautiful moments.

Our one downfall?
Fear of the darkness
The black that lay all around us
Outside our one safe bright world

Fear of the blue disease
Filled us with terror
That strong hue of indigo
Seeping like ink into our veins
So contagious and deadly
And always stopped before it could spread to All.

Always it ended in banishment
Cut off from our soft and bright world
Our one safe beautiful world
Where no one was ever alone.

But once the blue started to grow
You would end Alone
You would end Outcast
The one tragedy of our world.

My mate was bitten
Stung by some dark thing
Lured into the forbidden caves
His color changing now with every moment.

They told me “Lose a mate, gain a mate”
That was our one bright rule of law
If one falls prey to clouds of blue indigo
The dying one must leave
So their mate can live
You must continue to live in the light
To find a new mate who lives in the light

In this case only
A fairy must eschew all sense of loyalty
In favor of the Bright Life
And take a new mate quickly
With a light and open heart.

I always wonder now
Did this world of light
Preserve itself in this way?

I will never know.
My loyalty was too strong, too relentless
And I followed my darkening love
Unable to take the worthy new one offered me
Not with the shining purity
This world required
A perfectly worthy fairy he was…
Sweet and young, with flaming hair…
But he was not my Love.

So I followed my former mate
Always at a safe distance
Watching and Looking
Flying into the deafening darkness
Where fear surrounded me in the black
And loyalty propelled me onward
In my steadfastness
To conquer the darkness
And keep my mate safe
As a protectoress in close pursuit.

You can say I left a perfect world
How crazy to leave a life so rare
One filled with light and happiness
But by then I suspected
It was not perfect
How many had been banished before?
How many surrendering to a new mate
While forgetting the old?

With the sad sigh of a fairy sprite I knew
This world had been only…
Almost perfect.

Still I wonder…
After my eons in the darkness
If that once lovely fairy world
Might still exist
So almost perfect
It still haunts my memories and dreams.


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