Waiting For All Hallows Eve

Below is a Halloween poem to wish you a ghostly Boo! with screechy Halloween Hisses!

Halloween Friends by Bonnie Follett.

Halloween Friends: a witch and her feline “familiar” dreaming up mischief for 10/31. Photo © Bonnie Follett. All rights reserved.

Waiting for All Hallows Eve

by Bonnie Follett

Me and my dear feline know the score
Its almost Halloween
We’re getting ready for the gore

We’re plotting spells and sealing charms
It won’t be very long
Before we do some spooky harms

Think you’ve got some candy?
Check again –
Me and my dark feline
Snuck it just a round the bend

Vampires, witches, monsters and ghouls
We find October sweet things ever so cool

But when it comes to rising from the dead
We do prefer to leave that up to Frankie and Fred !

Happy Halloween!




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